Amazing quality of life, concentration of talent, and most importantly, passion are just a few aspects that set Tel Aviv apart from other global startup hubs. This is the place where people work to change the world and disrupt conventional industry norms every day. 


We are BETA - an alliance of Israeli tech companies who are tackling hard tech challenges for very meaningful missions (e.g. saving lives on the road, bringing AI to blood tests, making public transportation efficient, etc.). To achieve these missions, we want to attract the best talent in Israel and in the world. That’s why we have started BETA, a one year (or more) relocation program for senior tech talent to “beta test” Israel and see if there’s a fit. 

Companies in BETA pledge to provide you with a relocation package including:

  • Up to $20K relocation bonus

  • Yearly roundtrip flight home

  • Streamlined work visa process

  • Apartment hunting assistance

  • Housing for your first six weeks in Tel Aviv

  • School & community matching assistance

  • Paid cell phone

  • Hebrew tutor (if you’re interested. All of our companies are English speaking)

  • Help from an accountant who understands International/Israel tax law

Is this program for you?

We're looking for experienced tech professionals, like engineers, researchers and designers. Check out the open positions in each company to learn more.


Pool and beach in Tel Aviv

Beach & Weather

With over 300 days of sun a year and miles of sandy beaches, you’re more likely than not to spot natives heading to work in shorts and a tank top. You’ll find yourself spending leisurely summer days with friends on the beach.

TLV baby looking at ice cream

Family Friendly

Tel Aviv is super children-friendly. The city offers a good school system with an international vibe. You’ll see many young families and kids strolling in the city than most big western cities. Everyone loves kids here and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

Israeli Breakfast

Culture & Food

Tel Aviv is an incredibly diverse city that mixes Middle East with Europe. Israelis have roots in Morocco, Iraq, Turkey, Poland, Russia, France, Syria, Brooklyn, etc. — and the food reflects that. From delicious street food like shawarma, falafel, and hummus, to fine dining and fusions, Tel Aviv’s food culture is off the hook. 

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Cost of Living

Compared to SF and NYC, Tel Aviv is pretty affordable. We’ll make sure of it with the benefits included in our relocation package.

Tel Aviv gay pride

Nightlife & Parties
Tel Aviv is famous for its party scene. Purim is like Jewish Halloween. TEL AVIV PRIDE attracts hundreds of thousands of people every June and Tel Aviv is known for being LGBTQ friendly. Midburn, Israel’s version of Burning Man, is a 2 hour drive into the desert. Hundreds of bars and clubs dot the streets of Tel Aviv, which some call “the city that never sleeps.” Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find it in Tel Aviv.

Dead Sea in Israel

Israel & beyond at your fingertips
From the forested Israeli north, to the arid deserts of the south, Israel has a lot of gorgeous terrain to offer. Tel Avivis will often spend their weekends hiking, traveling to cities like Jerusalem and Haifa, floating in the Dead Sea, or even crossing the border to Jordan. Israel stands at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia, so the world is really a quick flight away.

Nexar offices


Nexar is on a mission to rid the world of car crashes. Using off-the-shelf smartphones and dash-cams, Nexar has created the world’s first and largest safe driving network. Nexar uses vision and sensor fusion to create sophisticated safe driving tools that detect, record, and warn drivers of real-time road hazards. 


Examples of open positions: 

  • Senior Android/iOS Engineers

  • Senior Algorithmic/C++ Developers

  • Senior Product Designers

WeWork team


WeWork is the community of creators. We provide the space, community and services you need to create your life's work. The WeWork Technology department is the software development arm in charge of building and growing WeWork's scale and reach around the world. We are growing fast and are looking for talented individuals in Product, Design, Data and engineering.

Examples of open positions: 

  • Full Stack engineer

  • Software engineering lead

  • QA analyst/Engineer


Make sure to mention the relocation program in your application. team is building a personal assistant services that takes care of your everyday tasks. 20M people rely on it to stay organized and get more done.

Examples of open positions:

  • Senior Backend Engineer / System Architect

  • Senior Web Engineer

  • Senior iOS Engineer

Fyber team


Fyber is a global technology company, developing a next generation monetization platform for mobile publishers. Fyber combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the app economy.

Examples of open positions: 

  • Senior Software Engineer - Scala

  • Director of Engineering - Web team


SimilarWeb is the pioneer of market intelligence and the standard for understanding the digital world. SimilarWeb provides granular insights about any website or app across all industries in every region. SimilarWeb empowers the world's biggest brands like Airbnb, Walmart, HSBC, eBay and adidas to develop and execute the strategies necessary to win market share.

Examples of open positions:

  • Production Engineer

  • Big Data Engineer

  • Senior Backend Engineer team


Founded by Dr. Konigsberg and Dr. Avidor, both ex-Googlers,
Twiggle uses NLP, and ML to build e-commerce search technology that understands shopper intent and matches it with the products. Twiggle's mission is to facilitate a digital shopping experience that feels a lot like the very best in-store shopping experience. 

Examples of open positions:

  • Knowledge Engineer

  • Sales Director


Do I need to be jewish to apply?

No, everyone is welcome. Tel Aviv and the BETA companies have a strong multinational culture.


Does it make any difference if I have an Israeli passport, or if I’ve already worked in Israel?
The program is open to anyone that hasn't lived in Israel in the past 3 years.

What if I want to stay more than a year?

That's great! If you decide to stay longer, you should read up about Aliyah (if you're Jewish) or receiving a longterm work visa.

Do I have to speak Hebrew?

Although all of our companies are English speaking, we encourage you to study Hebrew to better understand Israel’s culture. But don’t worry, pretty much everyone in Israel speaks English very well.


Can I apply to more than one company?

Yes, though we recommend that you disclose this during your interview process.


If you're an Israeli citizen living abroad and interested in returning to Israel, find more information about relocation here.

Sign up to get alerts of new positions in Israel team specializes in using computer vision to transform smartphone cameras into clinical grade medical devices. The company’s first product, the, effectively turns the smartphone into a clinical grade urinalysis device. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team in product, design, data and machine learning.

Examples of open positions:

  • Senior Backend Developer

  • Machine Learning Specialist

  • Senior Product Manager

  • Product Designer



Director of Business Development at Nexar.
Moved to Israel from NY, 8 years ago.

Why did you decide to move to Israel?

A combination of Zionism and starting my married life
with my amazing wife in a new country.

Elan from Nexar


Product Designer at Nexar.
Moved to Tel Aviv a year ago from SF.

Why did you decide to move to Israel?
I moved to Israel from San Francisco because I found that in Silicon Valley every company and product looks the same and works the same. I was bored and burnt out, looking to travel without sacrificing my career. Israel’s tech scene, art scene and overall cultures was an easy choice.

Rachel from Nexar

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